Car Removal Melbourne | Free Car Removal Service

It’s hard to get FREE services these days, but at Car Casher, we provide FREE car removal services with complimentary gift vouchers. Yes, we are the Sherlock Holmes, specialised in disappearing your unwanted, damaged or junk car off your backyard or driveway for FREE of charge in a clap of a hand. All you have to do is tell us a little bit about the car and most importantly the location of the car.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, first and foremost we hope you and the people you know are okay. Your safety is our priority. We provide car accidents and emergency towing services too. Car Casher, unlike the giant towing companies wont, take hours to reach to you for immediate help. We have multiple tow truck drivers in our different wrecking and scrap metal sites that can reach for your help in the shortest amount of time. Just give us a call and the contracted ToothFairy truck driver will be there to assist you if your car is broken, damaged or declared a total loss by your insurance company. If your car is declared a total loss by your insurance company, we will not charge for our car towing services should we reach an agreement in offering cash for your car.

We have made your car removal even easier by scheduling a suitable time for you, day or night, but we prefer the day time as we know you want to spend the night with your family rather than the flashlight of the car unless you want us to remove your car at night time. If you are in a hurry catching a plane to Los Vegas to join your friends or heading to a remote location to visit your grannies, then let us know and we will be there to help you remove your car regardless of free so you have no obligation from your landlord sending you a billion emails to remove your car.

Simple call us on our 24/7 on-call number at the top right of our home page and let us take care of your car for you.

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