Privacy Policy

This entity, website, webpage, brand and domain is an intellectual property of Choicecashforcars unless otherwise specially outlined in this privacy policy. We reserve the right to have and operate by this domain, “Carcasher” under our business name, Choicecashforcars at all time. 

Our Internet Policy relates to the usage and exchange of your personal information with us through our online services at al times. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to mainly protect your personal information while you communicate, exchange and/or use our online services. We value your personal information and understand that its very critical to protect your information while you use our services.

We, under this domain, CarCasher, have the full right to modify, change, update, reduce or extend the content of our Privacy Policy without any notification. We strongly recommend that you should refer to our Privacy Policy regularly and keep track of our updated privacy policies.

This domain, website, webpage is not linked to any other commercial third party website, domain or webpage. Linking, forging, copying and redirecting the content of this domain, webpage, website to another websites, domains, webpage without our permission is considered theft of our intellectual property and will be prosecuted by government law. 

Vehicle brands, logos and pictures used in this website, domain is only a representation for general knowledge for customers. We are not affiliated or linked to any of these brands whatsoever.

Personal Information

Protecting your personal information is important and critical. We have strong security measures to protect your personal information when you use our online services. Under Privacy Act 1988, your information will only be used for the sole purpose of our business services. We aim to gather your information to provide you with accurate and improved services, you personal information may or may not be shared with third parties for business purposes only without any notifications.

Use Of Information

Usage of information through our online service is voluntary for all customers for business related purposes only. Information exchanged, commented, stored in our system is in customer’s own responsibility without any obligations. We have the full right to store or delete either temporary or permanently data exchanged during our services with customers.

Information Disclosure

We are required by law to disclose any information requested by law enforcement agencies should we have reasonable doubt that our intellectual property has been compromised by either a third party or a customer. This would only be applicable if there is need to identify, contact or to bring legal action against group, bodies or agencies should we have reasonable doubt that they have had the intention of destroying our intellectual property or any other person using our service.

Data Security

To ensure the safety of our customers’ personal information, we have taken appropriate and reasonable security measures to main the privacy of your personal information. We have a SSL(Secure Socket Layer) installed on our domain to maintain a secure communication level between us and our customers. However, we can not guarantee security breaches through our platform. We are regularly updating and monitoring our security systems for any unusual and unsafe activities to avoid any breaches, however, there is always a possibly of breach in any platform.

For any queries and concerns about our privacy policy please contact us at

Updated on 16.06.2017