Car Towing Services Melbourne

Car Casher provide towing services in your local area as well. If the car is lifted off the road due to your battery failure, engine muck up or any other issues that you can’t get it started, we will be there to help you tow the car at your doorstep or even PAY in cash if you think the car is damaged and is not repairable. If you think the car has aged and served you well beyond its lifetime, we recommend it’s time to leave it for the professionals to recycle it. Still worried about the towing fees? Nah don’t, cause if you believe the car has served you well and it is the time for goodbye hugs, we will NOT even charge you for free car removal and towing your car should you give it for free. 

The reason Car Casher won’t charge you any fees is that we might make a couple of cents out of the parts, rest of the car will be shredded and recycled.

Safety tip: Please always make sure you are AWARE of traffic lights ahead of you

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