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We Contribute To The Community And Here is How

Our team members at Car Casher have come from different vulnerable community groups with a extensive amount of skills and knowledge not just about cars, but also about the strength and power of community and the positive impact we as a community have on helping vulnerable people. We have a strong passion in helping and supporting vulnerable community groups through our micro business.

The first step we have taken in supporting our vulnerable individuals is that we have recruited people from diverse community groups who have had a tough start in their early stages of life, but of course their practical knowledge and skills were the main assets of their eligibility for our service at Car Casher. We believe everybody deserves a chance so we have created that chance for most of our team members here at Car Casher who have come from a disadvantaged community group.

We take pride in contributing to the community either by our service or helping in funds. One of the disadvantaged community groups in Melbourne are the recent refugees and asylum seekers that we have been helping by either donating funds or recruiting them based on their previous industry knowledge and skills. How we have been helping in funds is that we donate $1 for every car we buy and recycle. We are not a charity group, but we do understand the effectiveness of donating and contributing to the community.

Our commitment and approach in helping and building the community is what makes is unique from other wreckers and car recyclers in Melbourne.

We Simply Recycle Cars Cause We Know the Impact of Recycling

Recycling is one of the best ways in having a cleaner and greener environment for us and our future generations. Buying your car for cash is not the main purpose of our micro business. We think further than just buying your unwanted or junk car. One of our missions are to play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emission by recycling your car so that the recycled car can be reformed into possibly another car or other materials we use in our lifecycle. What happens if you don’t recycle your car ? Simply put, hundreds of mining companies will keep extracting raw materials from earth so that they can make a new car out of the raw material which is mainly iron ore. Instead, if you recycle your car you have actually helped in providing that raw materials that come off earth. Your old car will go through multiple processes and machines to reform a new car or some other metal product. 

Don’t let that old, junk and unwanted car to remain a burden on your driveway and the environment. Give us a call and we will come to collect it at your convenient time.

Our areas of Operation throughout Melbourne and some regional Victoria

We operate across Melbourne with multiple friendly and professional tow truck drivers allocated to different suburbs. This gives you and us the flexibility of reaching each other easily, conveniently and on timely manner.