We offer up to $10,999* on the spot cash for your used, damaged, broken, unwanted and junk car at your doorstep at your convenient time. We operate across Melbourne metropolitan and regional areas with a number of professional and friendly truck drivers on the go. We come to your doorstep and offer you cash for your car hassle free.

We take pride in our service by offering on the spot cash for your car for the interest you have taken in our wrecking and recycling approach and ideas. Cash for cars, car removal and recycling in Melbourne has never been easier. We are one of the top wreckers in Melbourne who offer top cash for your unwanted, damaged, crashed or junk car with FREE removal service unlike other wreckers in Melbourne.

Our Main Focus of Services Are 

  • Cash for Cars
  • Cash For Utes
  • Cash For Jeeps
  • Cash for Vans
  • Cash for Trucks
  • 4×4 and Many More
  • Unwanted Car Removals Of Any Type, Any Model, Any Year
  • Car Removal Of Any Brand with Complimentary gift vouchers of $20*
  • Damaged Car Removals with Complimentary gift vouchers of $20* and a CarCasher baseball hat
  • Commercial Vehicle Removal
  • Commercial Car Removals

Bingo !!! Accidents Happen And We Will Be There To Help You To Ease The Stress

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, first and foremost we hope you and the people you know are okay. Your safety is our priority. We provide car accidents and emergency towing services too. Car Casher, unlike the giant towing companies wont, take hours to reach to you for immediate help. We have multiple tow truck drivers in our different wrecking and scrap metal sites that can reach for your help in the shortest amount of time. Just give us a call and the contracted ToothFairy truck driver will be there to assist you if your car is broken, damaged or declared a total loss by your insurance company. If your car is declared a total loss by your insurance company, we will not charge for our towing services should we reach an agreement in offering cash for your car.

We Thank You And Complement You For Using Our Service And Here is Why 

Our mission and service are far more than recycling cars, removal of cars and towing vehicles. As a rapid growing scrap metal and wrecking car service provider in Melbourne, we take pride in not just helping you but also donate $1 for each car we pay in cash for your junk, unwanted, used cars. We donate $1 for each car to not for profit organisations that are proactive and help disadvantaged groups in our communities in Melbourne. This means recycling car is not the only positive cause you are contributing to, but also helping other fellow human beings who are struggling in our communities. The more you recycle your junk, unwanted and broken cars, the more we will be able to contribute to this non for profit organisations. So don’t wait for your junk, unwanted, and damage car to remain a burden on you and the environment. Call us now or send us an email for quick, reliable and efficient car removal and cash for car service.

Cash For Car And Car Removal Redefined At CarCasher 

We have redefined cash for cars and removal of cars in Melbourne. Unlike the other guys, who are incredibly humble and nice on the outside but quite a rip off on the inside, we give you a price range for the cars you want to trade in cash, most importantly we are reliable and on time with the right and legal paperwork at your doorstep. How we have redefined the service is that we won’t offer you less for your car removal or junk and unwanted cars once a price range is agreed. We will come to your doorstep with cash for your car with the legal and correct paperwork that requires 5 minutes in literally 2 steps.

  1. We prefill all the paperwork with the car detail prior to collecting your old, unwanted or junk car.
  2. We present it to you for a review and confirmation and then you sign it off, simple as that.