What We Offer At CarCasher

  • On Spot Cash up to $10,999* for Cars, Vans, Utes, Jeeps And Any Other Types of Vehicles
  • Convenient Collection Time In Melbourne
  • Towing and Transferring of Vehicles On Appointment
  • Emergency or Accident Car Removal
  • Free Vehicle Removal With A Complimentary $20 gift card* and a Car Casher baseball hat.
  • Instant Quote for used, unwanted, damaged, and broken vehicles
  • Comercial Car Removals

We are a bunch of passionate collectors of machines who have been trading cars since 2006. This makes it a good long loyal member of the car club and how precious trading cars for cash are for us. Offering on the spot cash for your car at your convenient time has never been easier. We have made is even handier when it comes to getting rid of your junk, unwanted, damaged, and broken cars in no time and hustle free. One of our friendly staff members will come to you and hand you cash for your car at your doorstep that has been a burden on you.

No more worries, if its a junk, damaged or totally loss declared vehicle we will arrange a well-deserved funeral for your car the way it deserves one. This means we recycle most of the cars we collect which is a massive contribution in protecting mother earth by digging LESS iron ore. 

The great advantage is that junk cars become new through the recycling process. The junk cars are dismantled and sent to different processes for creating new products. Metals are precious even though it is scrapped. They are extracted from the earth with more labor and energy. The raw material of iron ore extraction is a long process that harms our environment due to green gas emissions production. Scrapped parts are mined metals which are helpful in converting into new products without any time taking procedure. Recycling not only helps the environment but also serve the economy as it is creating numbers of employment opportunities.

Get The Highest Cash Price For Your Junk Car

We understand that you want the highest cash price for your damaged, broken or junk car. Call us now or fill in the form for a FREE QUOTE on the right side of this page and you will find out the difference between us and the guys who want to rip you off. Yes, we do make a couple of cents out of your car, but we also want to make sure you keep that smile on your face when you hand in your junk, unwanted, damaged, or used car in return to the cash we hand you on spot. The MAGIC secret is that we value your time and interest for using our services, in return we want to make sure we thank you back by offering you better cash for your unwanted, damaged, used, smashed or junk car. 

Been Involved in an Accident and Worried? Yah, But Nah

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want it and unfortunately, that is the truth. Don’t panic at all, cause accidents happen and we are here to help with removing your car to a safe spot or even to one of our depots until you resolve the issue with the parties involved. Alternatively, we can also offer you on spot top cash for your damaged the car and you don’t have to worry about the rest. This is what makes us different to others, giving our precious customers options when they need help and that’s why we are unique in this recycling business. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange the rest for you.

Damaged and Unwanted Car? 

Absolutely no dramas, one of our nerds yet friendly driver will come to your doorstep and remove your unwanted car for FREE with a complimentary* $20 give a voucher and a Car Casher baseball hat. Pick up the phone and call us now to arrange a convenient time that suits you and we will be there.

Too Shy To Talk to Us?

Easy peasy lemon squeeze, head over to the right side of this page and ask us for a FREE QUOTE for your junk, used, unwanted, damaged, broken car for on spot cash.