About Us

We are not only car enthusiastic traders, we are also trying to reduce the environmental issues. We remove then recycling cars and reforming them into other metal products so that big mining companies should not dig in for metal resources and reduce production of greenhouse gas emission. We do have big dreams and important mission. By using our service for your car recycling, you are contributing a huge chunk in responding the the environmental issues by selling your car for cash or choosing us for recycling your old, unwanted or damaged car.

Our technical experts always ensure your car is worth value market so you can be offered the best cash price for your junk, damaged, unwanted or crashed car on spot with no hassles.

Our team at Car Casher is a combination of experts with expertise from different professional backgrounds. We all have come from different paths of social and professional lives with extensive knowledge in specific fields.

First and foremost, we at CarCasher, have a strong IT platform to make sure your personal details are safe and secure with us when you communicate or make a query through our online services. We strongly believe in protecting your identity and your personal data. Every email you sent us will be deleted over a period of time so we don’t store your personal information for a longer period. You are in great hands when you choose to sell your car to us or use our car removal or towing services.

When you use our service by trading your car for cash with us, one of our vehicle experts will come to your doorstep at any location in Melbourne to assess the car you are planning to get rid off. We will make sure that your car is assessed and quoted on factual basis of engine, body part, kilometre run and any accidents involved in the past. We do this to make sure you get the highest and best cash price for your car. 

Our car experts have been in this industry for a very long time. This gives us the opportunity to boost our customers’ trust and satisfaction in our service by providing a satisfactory service with no hassles and muck ups in the process. Our professional background and satisfactory service has rewarded us hundreds of customers all across Melbourne and some regional parts of Victoria. This is what makes us one of the top growing car wreckers and car removal services in Melbourne.